I am Projectful. Yep, I am.

Here I am, buying my own mylamename.com.  I did! Hesitant, a thread of questions started sewing themselves around my head.  Who would visit my site?  Who would care to see what I think, stalk me even?  Well, apparently, you at least.  What brought you here?

Ah, I remember now… my project.  I probably was complaining to you on how much work it will take and how many cups of cofee will spill on my keyboard before I’m finished. Yet, it is something I do think I will enjoy doing. I will enjoy sketchadoodling on pages in between (or maybe even during) classes, making ideas permanent as I press them on paper, swiftly sliding a pen from side to side until I complete my projectful rest of the year.

pruhjekt-ful.  Look it up.  Yes, that word does exist, according to me.  It means, basically, that I’ll be a slave of this screen for some time… whether it is learning from photoshop and illustrator tutorials online to blogging about my project, to receiving and replying to fanmail from you, my dearest audience.  My hands are full. But I can’t use the word handful because that word is already listed on dictionary.com and it sounds weird to say I am handful. So no, I am projectful.

So this is my project due January 1, 2012: Fill in all the red moleskine books I can with sketches, and count them all at the end of the year.  And of course, I will also be writing about other things I care about:  getting back into triathlon training, ceviche, cooking, advertising, traveling, and the helping out with the new Career Guide.  Some posts will be written in Spanish, but that just makes me a more intriguing character, doesn’t it?

Welcome, be free to leave posts and tell your friends to come stalk this page.  Bigger numbers feed my ego.

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  1. Perseverance is key, but you can do it!

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