Advertising nightmares

For three nights in a row, I’ve woken up with nightmares with the same theme.  Last night I dreamed I was in an airport moving from one terminal to another to suddenly find myself in a room filled with classmates.  Somehow, the gigantic airport had morphed into a room in the Stadium building when someone walked in: A guest speaker. But this was not any ordinary guest speaker, this person had made possible for the President to win the elections (yea, I know).  My classmates started asking him questions one by one, excited to learn the secrets of this master of persuasion, and after a while everybody had their hand raised high… except me.  Since I knew the speaker, for some reason I felt that he was going to humiliate me.  Divulge some dark secret of mine, I suppose… My logic doesn’t work in dreams.

With so many group projects and deadlines coming up, my guess is they have reached my subconscious, coming to haunt me late at night.  Speaking of dreams and projects, one of these projects is about Delta Airlines.  We were in charge of starting with research all the way to development of a message platform to the conception of two spots for TV.  One of my ideas for a spot includes a child dreaming he is flying over clouds, jumping from one fluffy existence to the next, saying hi to the birds.

I won’t explain everything, I’m still shy about my own ideas and afraid I think they are great but that in reality they suck.  Hence, I guess the explanation of it is up to the viewer’s  discretion. My scanner’s not working right now, so I’ll post the storyboard tomorrow… I’ll leave you for now, got class tomorrow early.

Hopefully, tonight I won’t dream about advertising again.

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  1. Here come the defense mechanisms….

  2. Nightmares are a defense mechanism? How does scaring people help them deal with reality?

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