Please, pretty please with the cherries on top

What is the difference between harassing and begging? It is very hard to be diligent while researching to get respondents without nagging them.  There is a fine line – and it should not be crossed.  Thankfully, I think I have managed to do so\ without harassing them.  For the past two weeks I have been asking people to fill out a survey for me;  I even did a draft for a poster to hand out.  It is a lot of work – I have been visiting multicultural sororities and fraternities, interest and ethnic clubs, and presenting at classes to introduce the survey.   After all this craziness is over we will analyze the data, which can be complicated, but is, to me, the most exciting part.  I want to see the results, it just makes me curious…

   Your Opinion Matters!

©copyrighted by Joana Wong on 10/10/11

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