My ears are deaf, my tongue is careful

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

New Year Resolutions – let’s be honest… For the most part, they’re left halfway December come.  I think it might be because we do not think about our resolutions as often as we should.  Neither do we establish milestones and reality checks to see how far away we are.  Today is January 31st.  Every last day of the month, like today, is a great day to evaluate how far away you are from getting where you vision yourself  standing in the future.  These were some of the things I told myself I should do this year:

Fill my sketchbook with drawings – Nope.  I’m halfway there.  But I realized I need to get back on it, thanks to my friend Juan, who asked me why I haven’t been drawing.  I just thought to myself ‘I haven’t felt like drawing lately’ and tried to be humorous by replying “I don’t know… I’ve been too busy chasing stars.” It sounds stupid in English, but it sounds almost poetic in Spanish.  By stars, I was making reference to my Grad School application and a National Competition I’m in this year.  He said to me something that made me think.  “Stars are important.  But sometimes it’s also important to document  the pursuit through art.  Art is a vehicle to encapsulate life itself; it’s an expression of immortality.” It was just so deep, even a week after I still keep thinking about it and about a blank canvas I’ve had sitting since last Fall beside my couch.

Run 21K – On my way there.  My race is supposed to be this weekend, and the entry was 50$.  I had been preparing for it:  I got myself gym buddies, a running partner, and even went on a long run during my vacay trip to Spain.  In order to avoid the 50$ cost and being honest enough to not do “juega vivo” and run it the same day, we were planning on running the same course a day before the actual race date or a day after it.   Unfortunately, my running partner got injured on Sunday after a fast paced run and is limping to class now. How am I going to run 2 hours by myself?  I’m going to need a good playlist on my ipod.  Or maybe I could pay the 50$ and run with everybody else… But definitely I’m running 21K this weekend.  He dicho!

Be more careful of what I say.  Not only do I have to reduce how much I curse when I’m at home, but I also have to think more before I speak.  I think we all should.   Sometimes we arrive at conclusions before time, pass judgment without understanding what someone else is going through, or simply just need to shut up sometimes.   Like las tías always say “Calladita, te ves mas bonita.”

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