Mind Reader

I want Texmex.  I ask Santiago where do we go and  I say, “Burrito Boarder or Moe’s?”  (Chipotle is not on the list for us).  I ask which one is cheaper, he says he thinks Moe’s is fresher, and cheaper for the marginal benefit of it being fresher. “Let’s go to Moe’s,” he decides. Why?  He doesn’t really know. He shrugs.  My thoughts are maybe Burrito Boarder’s 1$ Taco Tuesday makes all ingredients they use seem low quality, or maybe Moe’s vibrant pepper-yellow and jalapeño-red give it a sense of alive, fresh products.  Who knows.  But the mind is powerful and it creates perceptions based on the tangible and the intangible.

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    they welcome you at moe’s… that’s why
    aaaand burrito boarder sux, kthxbai

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