The right side of the brain

Although passionate to learn about human behavior, another interest I have is drawing. I can spend hours drawing and lose track of time, which is sort of what happened tonight. One moment I’m watching Dredd with Josh and Uchi while drawing and the next, the movie is over, Uchi is leaving, and Josh is finding something else to watch on Netflix. I say bye to Uchi and keep on drawing with a Sherlock Holmes episode on the background.   Next thing I notice is that it’s two in the morning, Sherlock solved the mystery, and I’m still drawing.

I read in “Drawing With the Right Side of Your Brain”  this happens because you’re using the right side of your brain, which is in charge of creativity, thinking outside the box and the rules.   However, the left side of the brain is the one in charge of verbalizing, keeping track of time, and being logical.

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