Posting tutorials to market your company

I interned last year over the Summer as a graphic designer and I’ve been meaning to teach myself to do more digital work, including painting digitally.  Josh, my drawing buddy showed me tutorials by FZDschool, so I’ve been trying to copy some of their tutorials to learn little by little.  The thing is, you can never watch just one video.  Mind blown.

From watching the tutorials not only did I learn a little bit more about scenery illustration but also about the school itself: the quality of teaching, the improvement of their students, and the level of talent.  I think sometimes companies hog knowledge from their consumers, thinking “if they find out how to do X, then why would they come to me?”

Like, this week.  I went to get my hair cut at one of the cheaper salons in town.

I mentioned to my stylist, Devon, that I wanted a haircut that was low maintenance (so no bangs) and that would give my hair more volume.  I still remember his responses.

  • How do I style my hair so it gives me more volume? You blow dry from the base, holding a round brush near the root of your hair.   Apply some heat protectant and hairspray so it holds.  Pull the brush away from the root, upwards, while you blow dry with the other.
  • What’s gloss?  I want something that will give my hair some color.  No, I wouldn’t recommend gloss. It’s more for dull hair and I think it’s unnecessary in your case and the damages outweigh the results.

He explained everything in so much detail, that I ended up seeing him as more than a businessman, but a trustworthy credible hair guru.  I think often companies are so scared of giving away their “secret sauce recipe” that they fail to establish a deep bond with their consumer.  However, people like Devon will always have consumers come back to them again and again.  For their kindness.  For being relatable.

This is what FZDschool did.  I feel like they’re my friends, my pals, who feed my imagination with tips that can make the fantastic creatures in my brain come to life.  Brands should strive to build these kinds of relationships with their consumer.

By the way, I’m having trouble blending colors so there aren’t rough edges.  What do I use?  A mask? Any tips?



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